Spin&Go Master

leading in jackpot Sit&Go Huds
Spin&Go Master is a PokerTracker Hud that has grown with the game together. As Spin&Go strategies became more advanced over time, the Hud also turned more abundant in statistics.
The Hud is shipped with several layouts for a more effortless personalization. It's robust in statistics, although it's still logical and easy to read. We have calculated the preflop GTO ranges and colored the statistics based on those results.
Spin&Go Master was a pioneer in various developments and marked the path for other Huds. That's why it's used with satisfaction by multiple backing groups around the world.
Pricing table
Low stakes


Free forever
  • Up to 10$ buy-in
  • All features included
  • 3-handed and heads-up layouts
  • Full price costumizations
  • With limited support
Mid stakes


Per Year
  • Up to 50$ buy-in
  • Support by e-mail or discord
  • 3-handed and heads-up layouts
  • Customizations with discounts
  • Non-Recurring
  • Future updates included
High stakes


Per year
  • All stakes supported
  • Support by e-mail or discord
  • 3-handed and heads-up layouts
  • Low price customizations
  • Non-Recurring
  • Future updates included
The Hud Layouts


Spin&Go Master delivers a positional layout for the 3-handed game. The panels were structured to show only those statistics that may be relevant for you.
The Hud is compatible with the strict rules of PokerStars. We are constantly monitoring the upcoming changes and making the required modification when needed. Therefore your only job left is to pay attention to the game.

The Hud Layouts


Spin&Go Master has a powerful heads-up Hud in the package. The Hud switch is automatic when you reach the heads-up.
We have minimized the use of the popups by placing more detailed preflop stats and secondary postflop stats in the main panels. We have also colored the stats based on the 2-handed GTO.

The popups

The popups of Spin&Go Master feature more detailed preflop and uncommon postflop statistics. These will be used barely, but they have to be there when needed.

Only one layout for the entire game

Spin&Go Master One

Spin&Go Master One is the original, old-school layout. It is best suitable for a player who prefers to use their own notes and former reads rather than complex statistics to make decisions.
Hud switch doesn't needed when the heads-up is reached. This one layout is compatible with every part of the game.

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