MTT Essentials

Get more from less.
A revolutionary Hud for Hand2Note.
Winning tournaments is not just about the statistics but about adapting to different situations and making big decisions. But most of the time, you won't have enough hands to get help with these decisions. We've built the Hud to get as much as possible from a low number of samples.

MTT Essentials for Hand2Note comes with statistics never seen before. We've created innovative stats that reveal the tendencies from fewer samples.
Are your opponents adapting to KO's? Are they more aggressive on ICM spots? Do they bluff on the river? You will now have a more accurate estimate of these questions.
Pricing table
Low stakes


One time payment
  • Up to 10$ buy-in
  • Lifetime license
  • No support included
Mid stakes


One time payment
  • Up to 50$ buy-in
  • Lifetime license
  • Huds are free to edit
  • Viewable stats
  • No support included
    Support only for bugs and room required updates
High stakes


One time payment
  • All stakes supported
  • Lifetime license
  • Huds are free to edit
  • Viewable stats
  • No support included
    Support only for bugs and room required updates
Two layouts included

Static and dynamic

MTT Essentials brings two distinct layouts.
The Static layout contains basic information with essential stats that helps describe a player. It also fits smoothly on all kinds of tables in every room.

But when more detailed stats are needed, you can immediately hit a hotkey and open the dynamic layout. The new Hud will consider players' positions, previous actions, and more to display panels precisely for the current situation. So, in the end, it will be detailed, infinitely readable, and uncomplicated at the same time.

Switch with a hotkey

Changing layout is fast and easy


Every needed stat for the spot is displayed

Easy to read

Useless stats are hidden

Works with Pokerstars

Both layouts are compatible with the rules of the site

Unique statistics

Most of the usual stats require a lot of hands to work properly. But you will never have enough from them in your inventory.
Therefore, we had to create statistics that give an accurate description of the player as quickly as possible.

In the postflop popups, you will find the C-bets, Floats, Folds, and everything else as usual. But you will also get a new and innovative popup that groups the postflop trends and display them with fewer stats.
To help even further, we've included KO and Late game statistics in the preflop popups. So you can quickly evaluate if your opponent is adapting to the different tournament types.

Low stakes are welcome

Whether you're struggling or playing comfortably at low stakes, you won't need expensive tools. But some help always comes in handy.

We believe this Hud will help you climb the stakes faster.
That's why the Hud has the lowest price on the market for their value.

The Hud also works well with hand2note Base. We've built hundreds of preflop ranges into the popups and added WSD stats for the most crucial situations. You will barely need Edge popups this way.

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