KO ranges - description

Preflop ranges for bounty tournaments
Selecting a range

The available ranges are listed under the main folder. The ranges are grouped by KO:Stack ratio and stack distribuiton.

1:1 KO:Stack ration means 1 KO for every starting stack. 1,5:1 means 1,5 KO for every starting stack. Currently only 1:1 ratio is available, others are coming soon.

In the even stack ranges every player can bust everyone. On the other ranges only the bigger stack can bust out the smaller stack.

  • KO:Stack ratio: number of KO's:number of starting stacks
  • Even: All stacks are the same size
  • B->S: The stack of the players are listed from the biggest to the smallest.
  • S->B: The stack of the players are listed from the smallest to the biggest.
Stacks and positions

The second step is to select one effective stack from the available stack sizes within the range. A new list with the available positions will be opened. You can choose the position of the opening player there.

  • Even: All stacks are the same size
  • B->S: EP has slightly smaller stack than EP, MP has a slightly smaller than the previous and so on
  • S->B: BB has the biggest stack on the table and EP has the smallest

Selecting a position will list the available action of the opening player. At the same time, their range is displayed on the left. You can continue by selecting one from the available actions.

Further actions

After selecting the action of the opening player, you can choose a player from the remaining players at the table. Clicking on any player will give you the defending range.

All together

A complex 4-bet spot will look like this.

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