MTT essentials - description

MTT Hud for Hand2Note
Static layout

The static layout displays essential information for all the players. It consists of two panels only, but it brings everything you need most of the time. Click on a panel to learn more about.

Dynamic layout

You can bring out the dynamic layout with just a press of a hotkey. The new Hud will consider the relative and absolute position of the players to display only those panels that are relevant to your current situation. Click on a panel to learn more.

Unopened pots

You will find opening statistics from the players on your right and defending statistics from players at your left. The panels will display statistics for the actual position of a player.

Opened pots

When someone openraises, the layout changes again. You will see how the players on your right defend against an open, and what the players after you do when you 3-bet or call.

Called preflop

By calling or 3-betting preflop, you will open other action opportunities for the players behind you. You will also have to play postflop most of the time. The Hud will adapt to the new situations.

Main popup

The main popup includes game-changing statistics that give you more information from fewer samples. Once you get used to it, you'll never use anything else.

Other popups

You will also find the usual popups in the hud. But they've also got some special statistics to help you get a more accurate picture of your opponent.

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