Spin&Go Master

PokerTracker add-on for Spin&Go Master The vsHero add-on elevates your favorite Spin&Go Hud to a whole new level by adding vsHero, vsVillain, bet sizing stats, and much more.
Pricing table
Mid stakes


Per year
  • Up to 50$ buy-in
  • Support by e-mail or discord
  • 3-handed and heads-up layouts
  • Customizations with discounts
  • Non-Recurring
  • Future updates included
High stakes


Per year
  • All stakes supported
  • Support by e-mail or discord
  • 3-handed and heads-up layouts
  • Low price customizations
  • Non-Recurring
  • Future updates included


Per Year
  • For current Spin&Go Master users
  • For the same stakes as your current Hud
  • Non-Recurring
  • Future updates included

vsHero stats

The vsHero stats are available in the 3-handed layout. They filter and display those specific cases when your opponent is making a move against you. This lets you quickly decide if your opponent has adapted his game against you.
You will find these stats in the popups, both for preflop and postflop. They are located in brackets, at the side of the global stats. Therefore you can easily compare the difference between the numbers.

  • Postflop popups

    Primary postflop stats bring vsHero values in the brackets

  • BB vs SB popup

    Global stats and vsHero stats in the brackets

  • SB open popup

    Global stats and vsHero stats in the brackets

vsVillain stats

The vsVillain is a revolutionary panel that increases the dynamics between two players to impressive heights.
The stats on the panels display your own moves. They show how you have played against your opponent in the past. With the help of this information, you can figure out what your opponent might think about you.
It's available at heads-up and displays your basic preflop and postflop stats.

Bet sizing panels

Bet sizings are another useful statistics that helps you gain deeper reads from your opponent. You will get the real strength of each bet size with the help of secondary stats like barrels, folds, and wons at showdown.

Last actions panel

The Last Actions panel assists in tracking the game's dynamics. It displays the previous six preflop actions of your opponent for each position. This can be a crucial help while you are multi-tabling.

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