MTT Master

MTT and SNG Hud for PokerTracker
MTT Master was built for tournaments and sit&goes. We designed it with the positional gameplay and the dynamics between the players in mind.
Every stat and popup received several updates to provide as much information as possible within the available sample. We have focused on those frequent and crucial situations that represent most of our winnings.
Pricing table
Low stakes


Free forever
  • Up to 10$ buy-in
  • All features included
  • Full price costumizations
  • Downloadable layout available
  • No support included
Mid stakes


Per Year
  • Up to 50$ buy-in
  • Support by e-mail or discord
  • Discounted customizations
  • Downloadable layout available
  • Non-Recurring
  • Future updates included
High stakes


Per year
  • All stakes supported
  • Support by e-mail or discord
  • Low price customizations
  • Downloadable layout available
  • Non-Recurring
  • Future updates included

Positional popups

For each position, a popup is available in the Hud with detailed statistics for each situation.

Distributed by effective stack

The preflop stats are divided by different effective stacks.

Opening and defending popups

The popups are distributed over different preflop scenarios.

Positional postflop stats

Popups from the button and from the blinds include postflop stats for the most common steal situations.

Popups with postflop stats

The Hud features two postflop panels: one for the preflop aggressor and the other for the preflop defender. We imported millions of hands to test the stats. Anything that didn't provide enough samples to be functional was replaced with valuable stats.

More details
Easy to customize
Editable and exportable

When you purchase the Hud, you will have the option to download an editable profile. You can then change the look or the structure of the Hud. Additionally, you can export any popup and merge it to your personal Hud.

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