Configuring Essential One

Spin&Go Hud for Hand2Note
Installing the Hud
01.Create a backup

Maka a copy from the following folder: C:/Program Files/Hand2Note/Config. You can restore from there if anything goes wrong.

02.Download the zip file

You will receive a download link by e-mail when the activation is done. Download the file and unzip it somwhere.

03.Move the Config folder

Just drag and drop the new Config folder inside Hand2Note's main folder. This will merge the folders together. You can replace some of the files when windows asks it.

04.Keep the same structure

The files and folders should stay in the same structure as in the original folder. Don't copy the Config folder inside a new folder in Hand2Note, because your Hud won't work.

Basic settings
  • Press F12 to open the Configuration window
  • Click on the Hud tab
  • Turn the following option off: Enable Auto Hud

  • Go the the Rooms tab in the Configuration window
  • Select your poker room from the list
  • Enter your nick used on that room
  • Repeat for every room you play on
  • Click on Save at the top right corner
Configuring game types

Game types configuration is used to assign different Hud profiles for each poker room or poker type. Use the images as your guide to finish the configuration.

  • Press F12 to open the Configuration window
  • Click on the Game Types tab

  • To configure the Huds used at 3-handed, click on Tourney 3-10 max
  • To configure the Huds used at 2-handed, click on Tourney HU

  • Select the popup that you will use at the Popup field
  • Select the Hud profile that you will use at the Hud field
  • To configure detailed Hud profiles that appears with a hotkey, click on +HOT KEY HUD
  • It's recommended to add a second hotkey Hud to switch back for the original profile

  • You can select your poker room at the Room field. It's needed only if you play in different poker rooms that will use different Hud profiles.
  • You can add new configs by clicking on the + button. For example if you play at PokerStars and ipoker at the same time, you can set-up two different profiles with different huds.

  • Click on Save at the top right corner to save your settings
  • Go back to the main window of Hand2Note and click on Clear Stats, then click on Build Stats. This will rebuild your database with the new settings. It's needed to finish the configuration.
Arranging the Hud

We made two video guides to help arrange the Hud at the tables. One was made for the static, and the other was made for the dynamic Hud.

The Dynamic Hud layout

It should be used on every poker room outside of PokerStars. Please note, that the dynamic layout only works if you have an active Edge or Pro subscription for Hand2Note.

The positions of the panels are constantly saved while you are moving them. To move a panel just drag it with the mouse. To move the icon of Hand2Note press Ctrl while dragging it.

The Static Hud layout

It was built primarly for PokerStars. But you will need to use this profile for all poker rooms if you are using Hand2Note free.

You will need to hide some panels as they are unnecessary and take up space. You should hide the unused panels under the big black panel. So it's recommended to use the detached chat on PokerStars.

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