Essential One

a Spin&Go Hud for Hand2Note
Essential One is a dynamic and complex Hud that uses all the advanced features available only in Hand2Note. Identifies your position and only shows statistics for the actual situation.
We spent months optimizing the structure of the panels, making the Hud easy to use while playing. Essential One also includes two layouts optimized for PokerStars.
Even better, the Hud works great with Hand2Note Base. We have added popups and layouts to the package to reduce the need for the Edge popups.
Pricing table
Low stakes


Free forever
  • Up to 10$ buy-in
  • All features included
  • Full price costumizations
  • With limited support
Mid stakes


Per Year
  • Up to 50$ buy-in
  • Support by e-mail or discord
  • Discounted costumizations
  • Non-Recurring
  • Future updates included
High stakes


Per year
  • All stakes supported
  • Support by e-mail or discord
  • Low price costumizations
  • Non-Recurring
  • Future updates included

3-handed layouts

The three-handed layout changes dynamically with each hand and displays only the relevant information for the current spot. Effective stack sizes are automatically recognized and filtered.

Essential One also includes two Hud profiles made for PokerStars. The static layout is a detailed three-handed hud that covers most of the situations. And when you need to go deeper into the spot, you can use a single hotkey to open the positional Hud. It's one more possibility to get more information without breaking the site's rules.

Dynamic and positional

The Hud changes with position

Marked effective stack

Get information faster

Layouts for Pokerstars

Fulfilling the rules of the site

GTO colors

Preflop colors based on GTO

3-handed layouts

2-handed layouts

The two-handed layout is a powerful heads-up HUD with expanded preflop statistics and rich post-flop panels. The Hud layout is changed automatically when you reach the heads-up, even on PokerStars.

We have colorized the preflop stats based on the GTO numbers, so you will instantly find the leaks on your opponent's game. The presence of secondary stats on the post-flop panels helps to minimize the use of the popups. These stats include barrels on the next street, check-folds after a raise, and many more.

The revolutionary vsVillain panel shows your lifetime stats against the actual opponent. So you can track how you played against the current enemy in the previous games and what he might think about you.

Automatic Hud change

When heads-up is reached

Expanded statistics

More stats pre- and postflop

GTO colors

Preflop colors based on GTO

vsVillain panels

Next level reads

The popups

Every stat has its popup to visualize what is happening behind the numbers. In the popups, you will find more info about bet sizes, board textures, hand strength, vsHero stats, player actions on the next street, and showdowns.

  • Range visualization
  • Bet size strength
  • Add note to any stat
  • Next action stats
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