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Spin & Go Master - updater

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Essential v1.8
Upgrade my HUD

You will receive all three layouts from the hud.
If you are planning to do big modifications on the hud or want to share your modifications with another user please select the Modder option checkbox

vsHero v2.2
Upgrade my HUD

Upgrade for current vsHero users. If you want to try or purchase vsHero add-on please request an update on the Buy page

Other options

Keep my last Hud
Your current HUD with latest version will remain, all others will be removed.

Remove all previous Huds
All your current huds will be removed, forcing PT to upgrade all custom sngmaster statistics. Select this option for best performance or if you have more than two premium/custom huds.

Keep all Huds
All you current huds will remain.
You can request to remove your unused huds at any time by skype or e-mail.

Modder Option

All statistics will be activated in one profile and you will receive the hud layouts in e-mail attachment. You will have the freedom to import, edit and export your custom layout for backup.