Update request for existing costumers.

Version 3.0

March 2019

Compatible with new PokerStars rules

New Layout for the 2-handed and 3-handed huds

New coloring: preflop GTO, postflop revised

Rebuilded vsHero Hud:
- vsHero stats are listed now in popups, aside of the general stats for easier comparison
- New vsVillain postflop panels for heads-up
- Bet sizing stats with WSD, barrels and folds
- Fold vs ISO sizing by effective stack

More detailed effective stack for heads-up huds: 8-10bb and 10-12bb

New stats:
- Fold after Bet-Check-Bet in raised and limpet pots
- Raise Bet-Check-Bet in raised and limped pots
- Delay C-bet on River (XXB) and Fold to Raise
- Call Flop check/raise and fold to Turn Barrel
- Call Flop check/raise and float on turn
- Call a raise after C-bet on Flop or Turn and fold to barrel
- Call a raise after limpcbet on Flop or Turn and fold to barrel
- Call a raise after delay c-bet or limpcbet and fold to barrel
- Fold against River Delay Probe (XXB)
- Raise against River Delay Probe
- Fold to Turn Delay C-bet and River Barrel in ISO Pots
- Call Turn Probe and Fold River for BTN
- Check/raise against C-bet and check/fold on Turn
- Delay River Probe
- Delay Float on Turn and Barrel
- Delay Float on River
- Fold to Turn Delay Float and River Bet
- Raise vs Turn Delay C-bet
- Delay C-bet on Turn and Fold
- Delay C-bet on Turn, Bet on River and Fold
- Raise against Turn Delay Float
- Fold to Raise after Float in limped pots BB vs SB
- Preflop all-ins are filtered out from WTSD, WSD and WWSF statistics

Hud Swapper only works if the PT icon is placed on the top left of the window
This will allow higher compatibility with 4k monitors

Version 1.85

March 2019

Compatible with new PokerStars rules

Small bug fixes

Version 1.82 updates

February 2018

Optimization on the following stats
- Fold to BvB river barrel after turn delay limp c-bet
- Call check-raise on flop and fold to turn barrel in raised and limped pots
- Call check-raise on turn and fold to river barrel in raised and limped pots
Version 1.8 updates

October 2016

- New effective stack sizes: regwar optimized.
- More powerful heads-up Hud
- Bet sizing corrections in some preflop stats
- Performance optimization in some stats
- Increased number of vsHero stats

New stats:
- Fold to 3-bet after 2X
- Fold to 3-bet after 3X
- Call XR after c-bet and fold to barrel
- Call Probe on Turn and Float bet on River
- Fold to c-bet with 0-40% pot size
- Fold to c-bet with 70-90% pot size
- Delay Float Turn and River on BB vs SB
- Fold to BTN Limpraise
- Fold to BTN 4-bet after 3-bet
- Fold to Probe barrel from BTN
- Call a nonallin 3-bet after open from SB
- Call a nonallin ISO after open from SB

Version 1.7 updates

May 2016

- Hud swapper AHK script out of beta
- Redesigned popups
- Small correction on Call open shove stats
- Multiway pots included in SB and BB Donk stats against BTN
- EV BB/100 on the Info panel in the place of Vpip/PFR

New stats:
- Delay river Bet (XXB) in raised and limped pots
- Fold to Delay river Bet (FvXXB) in raised and limped pots
 - Fold to 3-bet after raise C-bet and Limp C-bet
 - 3-bet on Flop, Turn, River (Re-raise against Raise c-bet)
 - Raise vs Donk
 - Fold to Barrel stats after calling Donk, Probe or Float
 - Raise vs Float (Check/Raise)
 - Fold to delay Float and barrel in raised and limped pots
 - Raise c-bet in 3-bet pots
BTN and vsBTN:
 - Fold to BTN T delay limp c-bet and river barrel
 - Right player vs BTN panel includes ISO and 3B from SB
 - BTN postflop stats in ISO pots: Fold vs C-bet, Raise C-bet, Float

vs Hero HUD
- New panel: last 10 actions
- Redesigned popups showing vsHero and all-time stats to have more sample and be able to compare gameplay

Version 1.6 updates

Spin & Go Master has two versions now:
Essential and vs Hero

New stats:
- Raise first in 2X (2 - 2.6bb)
- Raise first in 3X (2.6 - 4bb)
- Fold vs 2X, Fold vs 3X
- Bet-Check-Bet in raised and limped pots
- Fold vs Bet-Check-Bet in raised and limped pots
- VPIP in all preflop popups
- Fold vs Donk in BTN panel

Changes on layouts:
- Expanded SB and BB vs BTN panels and popups
- 2X and 3X stats in BB and SB panels
- Call Open Shove for BB is on the main panel now

Two new profiles, one for 3-handed and one 2-handed game*
- 3-handed HUD has an expanded BTN panel with effective stacks
- Redesigned SB panel in 3-handed hud with more postflop stats

- 2-handed HUD has expanded preflop panels and all postflop stats on the table
- New effective stack sizes for 2-handed HUD: 16-24bb and 24+bb

*Every user will receive three layouts. The first is compatible with every part of the game as usual, the second is optimized for 3-handed and the third for 2-handed game. For the first layout hud change isn't necessary but for others it's recommended to use a HUD-changer application like EasyStreet or an AHK script.

The development of the Original Layout has ended. Anyone using that profile can request an open, free-to-edit version by contacting us.

Version 1.4.4 updates

New stats on BB vs SB Postflop popup:
- Raise BvB c-bet & Barrel
- Raise BvB limp c-bet & Barrel

All preflop stats have a Total number in the popups, with all effective stacks.

Slightly correction on Raise limp c-bet stats for Turn and River.

Original Layout:
Blinds vs BTN panels are separated from BTN panel.
New stat on SB postflop panel: Fold to barrel after call a Probe or Float vs BB
Redesigned BB postflop panel: Probe, Donk and Float are in a more logical arrangement now

Alternative Layout:
Blinds vs BTN panels are separated from BB and SB panels.
Redesigned BB panel with raise c-bet and limp c-bet for every street and secondary stats for Probe, Donk and Float
Redesigned SB panel with fold to barrel stat

Version 1.3.2 updates

Limp/raise stat corrected, now stat doesn't include the opportunities where villain faced allin iso.

On SB and BTN preflop panels fold vs 3-bet is separated against allin and nonallin raises.

Blinds vs BTN panels include 3bets separated by allin and non-allin.

4-bet range for BTN and SB pre popups.

Give up stat on Flop includes Fold vs Donk on heads-up and Fold vs Float on 3-handed game.

Barrel after Float and Fold on River after Probe Turn is on the hud now.

New postflop stats on SB popup for 3-bet pots:
- Fold to c-bet
- Float (for heads-up)
- Probe (for 3-handed)

Experimental features:
- New stat for BB: Attack. Blind vs Blind bets at missed c-bet. It includes donk on flop, probe on turn and river and at 3-handed float for every street.
- Expanded BB and SB postflop panels with secondary stats for every street.
This is a beta feature available only for the Original layout at the moment

Version 1.3 updates

New stat for SB postflop on both layout: Give-up
The stat shows how often the SB gives-up the pot versus BB after missing the c-bet. Basically a fold to Probe and a fold to Float together separated for limped and raised pots.

On alternative layout's BB panel the postflop streets were unintentionally changed, now it's corrected.

On alternative layout's SB panel fold to 3-bet appears separated by effective stack.

New arrangement on SB alternative layout because of the new stat.

On alternative layout's BB panel Probe appears for both street, float is for flop and turn.

Hero panel expanded with BB vpip/pfr and Nash call/push tables.

Version 1.2 updates

Minor corrections on stat coloring.

BTN panel updates on both layout. Postflop shows c-bet and limpcbet for every street.

SB vs BB postflop panel: fold vs Float and fold vs Probe stat names change color depending of number players at the table. Only the possible line appears in green the other one remains dark grey.

Changed the name of ISH (Iso-shove) to AI-ratio and both 3-bet and ISO got this stat.

SB and BB vs BTN postflop stat updates: just Flop is showed on the hud but in limped and raised pots separately.

Changed Fold vs c-bet stats on alternative layout BB panel. On the red part just BvB stats are present, folds against BTN moved to blue part.

On alternative layout both SB and BB ISO vs BTN are separated by Non-ai iso and iso-shove.

On alternative SB and BB panels got a total vpip at the side of the position's name.

Version 1.1 updates

Effective stacks and Aggression Factor show now a decimal.

Updated Fold vs BTN steal stat on Blinds. At deep level btn push isn't included.

Donk popup now includes Fold to a raise after donk stats in limped pots too.

Big Blind popup includes Iso-raise with non-allin size and fold to 3-bet stats separated by effective stacks.

Some minor stat corrections, to handle effective sizes better.

Two new BB stats: Squeeze and Raiase against two limpers

Updated BTN panel and BTN popups

Blinds vs BTN popups pre- and postflop merged into a single popup

Updated BB panel on Alternative Layout. Moves against delay c-bet in limped pots are also included on the HUD

Beta feature: Color coding. The color coding are separated by number of players at the table based on population tendency. Only preflop stats are colored at the moment, based on feedback and change of poptendency new updates will come soon.