Setup & Other Guides

This guide will show the basic steps to set up your new hud and Hand2Note. Remember, if you still have any question just enter in contact and we will deal with your problem as fast as possible. If you are new to Hand2Note please read the basic manual carefully.

Installing the Hud

You will receive a download link to the Hud by e-mail when you subscribe to Essential One. The content of the zip file should be copied into the directory: C:\Program Files\Hand2Note\Config.

The zip file contains the following files and folders:
ExpressionStats* - Expression statistics linked to the Hud
FilterGroups - Definition of different boards and hands
Filters* - All statistics used by the Hud
Hud Profiles* - Hud layouts
Popup Profiles* - Popup layouts
Templates* - Style and color of the fonts and backgrounds
BetSizing.cg2 - Configuration of the different bet sizings in popups
BoardGroups.cg2 - The different type of boards that appear in popups
HudPositions.cg2 - The position of the Hud panels on the tables - Basic settings of the popups
PostflopDiagram.cg2 - The list of different type of made hands
PreflopDiagram.cg2 - Preflop hand groups

*Required folders for the operation of the Hud.
Please don't miss copying any required folder otherwise you will encounter errors on the operation or in the design of the Hud. Other files are only required if you don't have any predefined settings or other Huds installed or never used Hand2Note before.

Content of the folders (like Filders, Hud Profiles, Popups and Templates) should be merged with your current folders instead of replacing them. You might lose your current settings if you just replace the folders. Make a backup from your Config folder before installing the new Hud!

Configuring game types

Filtering by the number of players at the table should be configured in the Game Types tab. You can find a video guide below about the process. If you are using Hand2Note free, set up the following Hud layout for all rooms: Essential One (PS) by Dynamic huds are not available in the free versions of Hand2Note, however the PS layout is a static hud so it's compatible both with PokerStars and Hand2Note free.

Arranging the Dynamic Hud
Layout Essential One (NonPS) by

Essential One is a dynamic Hud for Spin&Go. It recognizes the positions of the players and only displays the statistics relevant to the situation. At the 3-handed part, the layout should be arranged for each position one by one. At 2-handed it need to be arranged only once.

The positions of the panels are constantly saved while you are moving them. To move a panel just drag it with the mouse. To move the icon of Hand2Note press Ctrl while dragging it. A video guide is available below showing the whole process.

Please note, that only the static Hud layout is available on PokerStars and on Hand2Note free. For more details about arranging the static layout please refer to the next video below.

Arranging the static Hud on PokerStars
Layout Essential One (PS) by

You will find help about panel placement of the static Hud in the video below. Only static huds are allowed on PokerStars so you will need to hide some of the panels. If you are using Hand2Note free, arrange the layout on all rooms in the same way as on PokerStars.

Hero hud and player analysis

You can open the statistics of any player (including Hero) from the player list available in the main window of Hand2Note. The next video shows a brief tutorial about the analysis process.

vsHero stats

Statistics played against hero are managed automatically in Hand2Note. The vsHero value of a stat is displayed in scopes and then the main stat is replaced when you have enough samples from the situation. The number of samples required to display the vsHero stats is configurable. Inside the popup of a stat, the vsHero value is always displayed, regardless from the number of the samples.

vsHero stats in popups
All preflop and postflop popups include the vsHero value, right under the value of the stat

vsHero stats on the panels of the Hud
Stats in scopes show the vsHero value of a stat. Stats underlined were already replaced by the vsHero value. Other stats doesn't have enough sample to display vsHero values in the Hud.

Configuring the appearance of vsHero stats

Open the configuration window (F12) and select the Hud tab. Under the Appearance you will find the following options:
- Show vs-hero stats: enables or disaples the vsHero stats on the Hud
- Show vs-hero stat if vs-hero sample is greater than: Minimum number of samples required to display the vsHero stat in scopes on the Hud.
- Substitute by vs-hero stat if vs-hero sample is greater than: The number of samples required to display only the vsHero value of a stat on the Hud. This type of stat will be underlined.

You can display only the replaced vsHero value by setting the same number on the two options above. In that case you won't see vsHero values in scopes and your hud layout won't be too big for the table.

Stay in touch

If you are new to Hand2Note probably still have a lot of questions. We will constantly update our site with tutorials and guides however you still have plenty of options in case you need any support:

- Our Discord server is open for the community of Hud users and also for others
- Official support by chat is always available on
- Finally you can always find us by e-mail: