Spin&Go Master vsHero for PT4

The same Hud layout with vsHero, vsVillain and Bet sizing statistics. Just open any popup to see how your villain is playing exactly against you. Or give a fast look on the vsVillain panel that shows what the opponent can see about us.

Bet sizing panels are also available only in this version. These panels help to track the exact range of your opponent against a certain ISO size and also help to get extra information about the betting ranges with different sizes.

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vsHero stats
  • You can find the vsHero stats inside the popup of any panel by default just look at the gray stats in scopes. This allows an easy comparsion between the default and vsHero stats. If you don't want to use popups ingame you can download the layout called vsHeroOnTable where global stats are replaced with vsHero stats on the table groups. This means a little less sample from a player but ideal for regwars. Here is a small sample about how the popups are structured:

vsVillain panel
  • These unique panels show our lifetime stats against the given opponent.

Bet sizing panels
  • With these panels you can track the strength of the different bet sizes.

Last actions panel
  • This panel shows the last six preflop action of your villain for each position in the 2-handed game.

  • The abbreviations for each actions are:

  • BB

    ISO - Raise SB limp
    X - Check when SB limps
    FP - Fold to allin raise
    CP - Call an allin raise
    F - Fold to non-allin raise
    C - Call a non-allin raise
    3BS - 3-bet allin
    3B - 3-bet non-allin
    RC - 3-bet and call 4-bet
    RF - 3-bet and fold to 4-bet

  • SB

    F - Openfold
    AI - Raise allin
    NAI - Raise non-allin
    L - Openlimp
    LF - Limp and fold to ISO
    LR - Openlimp and raise
    LC - Limp and call an ISO
    RC - Raise and call a 3-bet
    RF - Raise and fold to 3-bet
    RR - 4-bet after raise

This hud requires a database modification process prior to use. Please check the Setup Guide carefully and enter in contact with us if any question remain.