Spin & Go Master Essential

Spin & Go Master is a HUD optimized for 3-handed jackpot Sit'n'Goes with unique and advanced statistics separated by position and common gameplay situations. The structure of the HUD guides us logically through the process of making decisions.

The HUD is available in two different versions so everyone can find the perfect one:

A simple but detailed Hud covering all parts of a Spin&Go

Two layouts optimized for each part of the game, one for 2-handed and another for 3-handed. Free Hotkey Hud swapper is available for costumers.

Essential One is a complex layout compatible both with 3-handed and 2-handed game, so HUD change isn't necessary. Just arrange your panels once and let the flow guide you through the game.

Main panels
  • The main panels show the basic information about the opponents.

BTN panel and Blinds vs BTN panels
  • BBvsBTN for your left player and SBvsBTN for your right player must be hidden by dragging behind the BB panels. For more information please refer to the setup guide.

SB panel
BB panel
  • Probe, Donk and Float stats show Single Raised and Limped Pots together, weighted by the sample size.

Essential - 3H

Essential 3H is a detailed layout for 3-handed game. It features BTN panel with effective stacks and expanded pre- and postflop stats on SB and BB panels. Some unused panels must he hidden behind the SB panel of your right player. For more information refer to the quick setup guide.

For the best experience you will need a HUD swapper software to change the layouts when reaching the 2-handed game. A free hotkey script is available for costumers. For automatic HUD switching please check EasyStreet software.

BTN panel and Blinds vs BTN panels
SB panel
BB panel
Essential - 2H

Essential 2H is a powerful heads-up HUD for 2-handed game. The hud comes with expanded preflop statistics and rich postflop panels separated by different situations.