SNG Master is a HUD designed for 6-180 players sit & go tournaments that are dominated by the situation game and the dynamics between players.

That’s why we made the positional statistics as the backbone of our HUD. These stats visualize the detailed pre- and postflop play and are detailed for effective stacks and frequent situations. The unique statistics and effective stack breakdowns were implemented based on the suggestions of veteran SNG players of various formats. The all-in and non-all-in stats both filter the committed raises based on the effective stats, so you can see through the tricky raises of your opponents or avoid wrong decisions made based on distorted statistics.

The HUD and all popups can be designed, customized or coloured freely, so that everyone can find the optimal solution for his own game style and preferred theme. It is also possible to build the advanced SNG master statistics into our own HUD.

  • Each HUD panel has a different background colour, so your eyes will find the given one easier. A colour of the stats are static and indicate the type of action.

The HUD arrives in several versions to ensure that it fits every layout. The original version has been primarily optimised for SH tables, whilst the alternative version saves more space, so distribution on fullring tables is easier. The third version uses an own pixel font that you can download from here. With this font we can save some more space, whilst the appearing letters are crystal clear. To install the fonts and to further set up the HUD, please click here.

Table HUD Groups
  • On the main panel, we can find the basic stats and the note editor. By clicking anywhere on that panel, the Pre Simple popup can be opened.

  • On the Positional panel you can find the raise first stats broken down to positions. The original version contains fold after raise stat, and the names of the positions are represented as well, serving as extra help (for extra space you can remove the position's names from the HUD if you wish). BTN and SB steals are displayed in different colour to avoid confusing ourselves. The alternative version has only one total fold to 3-bet after steal stat can be found.

    All positions open the related popup, which contains the detailed positional stats. The positions are defined by the number of players at the table. This table might help understanding it.

  • The vs steal panel shows your opponent’s actions against steals and we broke it down to SB and BB. Each blind opens the related popup.

  • On the postflop panel, you can find some important c-bet statistics so we can quickly get some information about the tendencies of the plays of the given opponent. Click on that panel and you will see an overall postflop popup, detached from any position.

In case you would like to use a completely re-edited table HUD group with SNG Master’s popups, do NOT edit the existing panels, as the settings may disappear after a possible update. Build the desired table HUD in a new profile, save, then export it and import into SNG Master. After that the only thing you need to do is to assign the built-in popups to your recently imported table HUD group. So in case of an update, there is no need to rearrange the panels, just import your own one.

Positional popups

The logic used to build the structure of the various positional popups are the same. The displayed stats are aligned to the special features of the positions like c-bets after steal or blind versus blind play. The tabs are broken down to pre- and postflop blocks, the aggressor and the defender stats are visible separately in each block. Data in dark grey and in brackets show the sample size of the given stats.

EP-MP popups

The two popups are the same, we can find the same stats for each position.

CO popup
BTN popup
SB popup
BB popup
Postflop popup

All postflop stats are located on one compact popup displaying all streets to ensure that we can identify the opponent’s tendencies and prepare our plan for the next street in a quick and easy way. The panel is broken down to heads-up and multiway pots, plus we can see aggressor and defender stats separately. The HUD also includes unique, advanced statistics, such as barrels after a certain move or delayed bets. This way we will certainly not be left in the dark as to what decisions to make.

Pre simple popup
  • The pre simple popup is a short preview about your opponent’s stealing tendencies at critical effective stack sizes, where the push or minraise actions can be both right and balanced. This is the best tool to make quick decisions during massive multi-tabling.


After activation, the HUD will be automatically downloaded and will be installed into your Poker Tracker. For editing, open the Edit Hud profiles from the HUD menu, and select one of the versions of the SNG Master from the Profiles. You can choose from three different versions:


Alternative, with space-saving table panels, optimized for full-ring tables.

Pixel Arial, written all in one type of pixel font.

We can define the default HUD both on the table and the during the game, but can also set it up in the Hud menu->Hud Options Configuration window. Click on Profile Select and select the table types, the poker rooms and the prefered HUD to be used as default.

Pixel Arial - Download

If you would like to use the Pixel Arial version, you need to copy the downloaded font into the Windows->Fonts folder first. From the HUD Profiles select the SNG Master - Pixel Arial, then check the Table Groups section. From the vs Steal and the positional panels select the preferable one and delete the other version. If you would rather use the other version, just reinstall the original HUD from the Options menu->Replace with original.

Finally, turn off the allow vector scaling in the Hud->Hud Options Configuration panel, to prevent any faded letter appearing on the screen

Database maintenance

No matter how hard Poker Tracker keeps working to optimize the tracker and get you all the data on your screen as fast as possible, it has to handle a large amount of information, which can take lot of time if your database is not maintained constantly. The new cache system provides the immediate display of the stats, but we can do further things to reach maximum speed. An optimized database will be more helpful than a new SSD or processor.

HIf you haven’t done any tuning on your database yet, you can find some instructions on the link below: Database tuning.

To provide the optimal running speed, we have to do maintenance work periodically on our database. We need to rebuild the cache at least once a month, or after every 50k newly imported hands. It can take some time, but will worth the effort. Just open the database panel from the database menu, select the active database, and simply click on the Rebuild cache->Full Cahce Rebuild button.