Essential One for H2N

With all the advanced features only available in Hand2Note we had the opportunity to create one of the most detailed Spin&Go Huds on the market. Essential One is a dynamic Hud that recognizes your position and shows only the relevant stats for the current scenario. Although is detailed, we spent months to optimize the structure of the panels making it easy to use while playing.
Essential One is also includes a layout optimized for PokerStars. It's still powerful even with the strong Hud resctrictions on the site thanks to the possibility of the fast, hot-key based Hud layout switch.

About Hand2Note

Hand2Note is an innovative Poker HUD software that allows more deep analysis and faster note taking that any other tracker. It has the following features: fast import, high performance, dynamic Hud, automated secondary statistics on every stats like bet sizing data, vsHero stats, next player's actions and many more. The advanced popups also include preflop and postflop ranges for every stats. For more info please click on the banner below:

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The 3-handed layout is optimized for every possible scenario and positions. The layout is changed dynamically at every hand, showing only the panels relevant to your current situation. Effective stack sizes are also recognized and filtered automatically. These features help keeping your focus only on the most relevant stats for the given spot.

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    BTN layout

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    SB layout

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    BB layout

Detailed description about each panel is available on the following links:

Panels on BTN

Panels on SB

Panels on BB


The 2-handed layout is a powerful heads-up HUD with expanded preflop statistics and rich postflop panels. Hud change is automatic even on PokerStars, so you don't need to worry with the annoying technical issues.

The preflop panels include more detailed effective stacks and the stats are colored based on GTO. Postflop panels include secondary stats, like barrels and folds on next street to avoid the unnecessary use of popups. The revolutionary vsVillain panels show hero's lifetime stats against the current opponent. This helps to track how hero has played against the current enemy in the previous games and what the enemy might think about him. The detailed description of each panel is available here:

2-handed panels

PokerStars layout

Due to strong Hud restrictions on PokerStars, the Hud is shipped with a layout compatible with all PokerStars rules. It's still a detailed 3-handed hud that covers the big majority of the situations.

To fully comply with the new rules of PokerStars only two layouts are used in this version: one for 3-handed and another for 2-handed. The Hud change happens automaticaly when heads-up is reached so you don't need to worry about scripts or third-party apps. You can also configure a hotkey to access the advanced version of the Hud for the current hand so you still have the chance to look for any advanced stat. To get help on setting up the advanced layout please refer to the Setup guide. Here is an example on how this looks:

The popups

A popup is attached to every stat to visualize deeply what is happening behind the raw numbers. You will find the following additional information about a stat: bet sizes, board textures, hand strength, vsHero stats, next player actions and showdowns.

Addding note

Hand2Note offer the possibility to take note on any stat in the popups. The stat will be marked on the Hud helping you to associate rapidly the leaks or the strengths of a player to the current spot.

Next actions

Next actions stats show what the player does on the current and next street after the examined move. For example what he does when he gets a raise after a bet on current street or how often he continuesq betting again on the next street.

FCR - Actions on the current street: fold, call and raise
BX - Actions on the next street: bet and check

Please note that due to strong Hud restrictions, you will find less information in the popups while playing on PokerStars. Out of the game however all informations will be accessible.

Low sample panel

While the Hud is detailed, it gives insufficient information for players with low number of hands. So until reaching at least 30 hands, the postflop panels are replaced by a more compact panel that shows the most basic and important stats.

Low sample panel

  • C-BET - C-bet on flop, turn, river
    DCB - Delay c-bet on turn and river

    FvCB - Fold to c-bet
    FvDCB - Fold to delay c-bet
    RSE CB - Raise any c-bet (IP or OOP)

  • XF OOP - Check-fold out of position
    FvPRB - Fold to probe bet in position

    FLOAT - Float bet IP vs missing c-bet
    PROBE - Probe bet OOP
    DONK - Donk bet

Please note that due to Hud restrictions, this feature is not available on PokerStars.